Perfect Fit & INTU Blinds

Made to measure Perfect Fit blinds are designed to create a flush fitting blind which looks like it is a part of the window frame, this look is created by the look by the screw free and drill free nature of the fixings. The Perfect Fit brackets slide behind the
seal allowing the frame and blind to clip on within a matter of seconds.
If you’ve had a new set of doors, windows or even a new conservatory drilling the window frames is not a preferred option, having perfect fit allows you to eradicate this process of drilling as Perfect Fit is a screw and drill free blind solution.

  • Fully Cassetted Blind                                      
  • Child Friendly: No Loose Cords
  • No Drilling                                                         
  • No Visible Cords Keeps Window Sill Clear                               
  • Blends In With Conservatory

Perfect fit blinds are available in roller blind, pleated blind, aluminium and wooden pleated blind options and are ideal for conservatorys where they will also provide extra insulation with the frames covering any potential gaps. We pride ourselves in offering 5 star customer service, view some of our reviews on Google My Business to see what past customers say about us.

INTU Blinds
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